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Image of Omega Pet Food for DogsOmega Pet Foods

A subsidiary of Dawson Furs Ltd.

Producers of premium grade pet food manufactured from highly nutritional New Zealand Possum

Supplied in both raw and pellet form to enhance the health of your dog

Benefits of Omega Pet Food

New Zealand's only possum meat dog biscuits.

Laboratory tested to contain higher omegas that other meats including beef, lamb and chicken, resulting in ultimate health benefits, especially skin health.

This possum is sourced from one of the most pollutant-free forests in the world.

Guranteed preservative-free

Formulated to AFFCO standard, as a full feeding program for dogs.


3½ kg bag - $30
8kg bag - $60

Plus freight or contact us for your local agent.

Omega Pet Food Product Background

A photo of a Omega Pet Food

The Brush-tailed Possum [Trichosurus vulpecula] is a marsupial or pouched mammal. A native of Australia, the possum was introduced into New Zealand between 1837 and 1840 to establish a fur industry.

Possums are commonly found in the forests of New Zealand - their natural habitat. With no predators, the possum population has exploded to inordinate proportions.

Wild possums consume copious amounts of foliage from leaves to shoots. They are in sufficient numbers (purportedly 70 million) to cause significant damage to the bush environment. The New Zealand Government spends millions of dollars each year to reduce the possum population as part of its conservation program, but with limited success.

Although possums have been traditionally harvested for their fur, until recently no serious attempts had been made to legitimise the development of a fully fledged possum industry.

Today, the Wildenz Research & Development Centre has found a way of utilising the possum in accordance with the principles of ecological sustainable development. Its meat is recognised as a valuable resource for the pet food industry. This initiative is not only the world’s first but, is also to be applauded because of its responsible approach to conservation of New Zealand’s forests.

Possum Pet Food

Unique Nutrient Profile:
Possums in the wild eat a variety of leaves, fresh shoots, fruits and grasses.

Their meat is eaten by people in New Zealand and Asia and is quite dark in colour with a ‘gammier’ flavour. Possum meat was found to possess an unusually high level of Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fatty acids.

Independent tests confirmed that possum meat contains the highest level of fatty acids compared to the most common sources of meat for pet food:

% Healthy Fatty AcidPossumChickenMuttonBeef
Linoleic Omega 617.4%12.9%3.6%2.69%
Linolenic Omega 324.2%0.5%1.58%1.38%

Information Source: AgResearch Analysis Reports dated Nov 1st - Nov 27th 2000. AgResearch is a government laboratory in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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