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Dawson Furs Ltd

We buy possum skins and fur from all around New Zealand. We also operate Omega Petfoods, utilising possum carcasses including hare, rabbit, turkey, venison, goat, and wallaby for manufacturing pet food. 

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About Us

Dawson Furs Ltd have been in the possum fur and skin trade since 1978 and have been a leader in the business since then.

Many of the methods used today for control of possum were developed by us including the back pack plucker in use today, ground and aerial pre-feeding,  jetboat and helicopter skin recovery.

It was originally set up by Bruce Dawson {Dink) and Paul Ernest – ex trappers and deer cullers in the Urewera National Park, to pay a fairer price for possum skins to trappers.

Omega Petfoods is Dawson Fur’s subsidiary Petfood operation. Procuring, processing and supplying raw and dried petfood to local and export markets.

We are MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) registered,  running a Risk Management Program to enable us to process possum, deer, goats, wallabies, hare, rabbits and turkeys.

All these products are sourced from pollutant and pesticide free rural New Zealand.

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